You can now listen to songs from the ICCA-winning set and find new favorites on the way! Featuring songs like “Levels” and “The Wire”, this album has been a lot of fun and hard work, and now you can jam out with us!

  1. I 2 I SoCal VoCals 0:31
  2. Levels SoCal VoCals 0:30
  3. Crazy Natalie SoCal VoCals 0:31
  4. Lay Me Down in Paper Hearts SoCal VoCals 0:30
  5. Bang Bang SoCal VoCals 0:30
  6. The Wire SoCal VoCals 0:30
  7. Wayfaring Stranger SoCal VoCals 0:30
  8. Survivor SoCal VoCals 0:30
  9. Hit Me SoCal VoCals 0:30
  10. For All We Know SoCal VoCals 0:30
  1. Good Luck SoCal VoCals 0:30
  2. Set Fire to the Rain SoCal VoCals 0:30
  3. Hold My Heart SoCal VoCals 0:30
  4. Tightrope SoCal VoCals 0:30
  5. Kings and Queens SoCal VoCals 0:30
  6. Poison & Wine SoCal VoCals 0:30
  7. Heart of the Matter SoCal VoCals 0:30
  8. Elena SoCal VoCals 0:30
  9. Lady Marmalade SoCal VoCals 0:30
  10. When We Are One SoCal VoCals 0:30
  11. What the Water Gave Me SoCal VoCals 0:30
  12. My Heart With You SoCal VoCals 0:30
  13. Best Thing I Never Had SoCal VoCals 0:30

Permit to Harmonize

After five years of hard work, our latest album, Permit to Harmonize, is finally available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon! It features thirteen VoCal favorites from the past couple of years, featuring some truly amazing alum and current members. There is so much history on this album, and we are so excited to share it with the world.



It’s been a long time coming, but the VoCals’ 6th album was worth the wait. Featuring the Championship Set from the 2008 ICCA, Unanimous will leave the rest of your collection in the dust. Yes!

  1. Misery Business SoCal VoCals 0:30
  2. Movin' On SoCal VoCals 0:30
  3. Feeling Good SoCal VoCals 0:30
  4. Natural Woman SoCal VoCals 0:30
  5. Another White Dash SoCal VoCals 0:30
  6. Falling Slowly SoCal VoCals 0:30
  7. Save Me SoCal VoCals 0:30
  8. Thinking of You SoCal VoCals 0:30
  9. Somebody to Love SoCal VoCals 0:30
  10. All The Things You Are SoCal VoCals 0:30
  1. God Bless The Child
  2. Crazy Ever After
  3. Living for the City

2010 ICCA Set EP

This EP features studio recorded versions of the set that won the VoCals the 2010 ICCA Championship. It’s a great addition to any a cappella library.

  1. When I Get You Alone SoCal VoCals 0:30
  2. Alone SoCal VoCals 0:30
  3. Love You Madly SoCal VoCals 0:30
  4. Love Potion #9 SoCal VoCals 0:30
  5. Don't Stop Believin' SoCal VoCals 0:30
  6. Eye In The Sky SoCal VoCals 0:30
  7. Since U Been Gone SoCal VoCals 0:31
  8. Styx Medley SoCal VoCals 1:01
  9. Cold-Hearted SoCal VoCals 0:30
  10. Tusk SoCal VoCals 0:30

Get In. Rock. Get Out.

Without the support of even a single instrument, the VoCals’ newest release is still a Rock and Roll Tour de Force.

Winner of the 2007 CARA for “Best Solo”, David Rakita in When I Get You Alone

Nominated for 2007 CARA for “Best Mixed Collegiate Album” and “Best Song”


The SoCal VoCals

Nicknamed “The Red Album”, this VoCal release’s historical importance may not equal the Beatles’ monochromatically nicknamed album, but its pretty close. Slumber was featured on BOCA 2004 and This Love was featured on Voices Only 2005.

  1. Underground USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  2. 18 Wheeler USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  3. Slumber USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  4. I Heart It Through The Grapevine USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  5. Today USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  6. Gray Sky Morning (Best I Ever Had) USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  7. Delicious Surprise USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  8. Don't Worry Baby USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  9. Fire In Your Hand USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  10. This Love USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  11. I Feel the Earth Move USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  12. Cherry Lips USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  13. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me USC SoCal VoCals 0:30
  14. Pinball Wizard USC SoCal VoCals 0:30

V3: Previously Unreleased

A Cappella like you’ve never heard it before. The VoCals’ 2001 release was one of the RARB Picks for 2002 and had tracks that were featured on both BOCA 2001 and 2002. The BOCA 2002 track was actually an original song, Drive Me Crazy, written by VoCal member Julie Moffit.

  1. Breathe The SoCal VoCals 0:39
  2. Dirt Road The SoCal VoCals 0:37
  3. Motorcycle Drive-By The SoCal VoCals 0:37
  4. Drive Me Crazy The SoCal VoCals 0:38
  5. Insomniac The SoCal VoCals 0:31
  6. Leavin' On A Jetplane The SoCal VoCals 0:31
  7. I'm The Only One The SoCal VoCals 0:34
  8. Only You The SoCal VoCals 0:36
  9. Otherside The SoCal VoCals 0:29
  10. Power of Funk (Power of Love) The SoCal VoCals 0:34
  11. Total Eclipse of the Heart The SoCal VoCals 0:28
  12. To The Wire The SoCal VoCals 0:33
  1. torn_clip 0:27
  2. allhail_clip 0:18
  3. dec1963_clip 0:22
  4. dreams_clip 0:34
  5. everywhere_clip 0:26
  6. footloose_clip 0:17
  7. hazyshade_clip 0:29
  8. impression_clip 0:29
  9. ineyes_clip 0:48
  10. iwillremember_clip 0:31
  11. oneweek_clip 0:31
  12. preacherman_clip 0:25
  13. takeonme_clip 0:31

This 2 Shall Rock

The VoCals’ sophomore album was recorded and released in 1999. It was also the first to include a multimedia bonus feature on the Enhanced CD.

“A cut above the college standard on almost every front”

  1. Always Be My Baby The SoCal VoCals 0:32
  2. Come On Eileen The SoCal VoCals 0:32
  3. Hooked On A Feeling The SoCal VoCals 0:36
  4. In The Still of the Night The SoCal VoCals 0:36
  5. Ironic The SoCal VoCals 0:27
  6. Just A Girl The SoCal VoCals 0:33
  7. Love Fool The SoCal VoCals 0:41
  8. The Tide Is High The SoCal VoCals 0:32

This Ain't No Choir, Babe

Our debut album, recorded in the spring of 1997, is a testament to the tenacity of the founding VoCal members. Nearly all the recording for this album was done at night, with sessions beginning at 11pm and going through the following morning as early as 8am. This was also the only album recorded on reel to reel tape and could be purchased on on cassette tape in addition to compact disc.

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