Check out our New Album

You can now listen to songs from the ICCA-winning set and find new favorites on the way! Featuring songs like “Levels” and “The Wire”, this album has been a lot of fun and hard work, and now you can jam out with us!

  1. I 2 I SoCal VoCals 0:31
  2. Levels SoCal VoCals 0:30
  3. Crazy Natalie SoCal VoCals 0:31
  4. Lay Me Down in Paper Hearts SoCal VoCals 0:30
  5. Bang Bang SoCal VoCals 0:30
  6. The Wire SoCal VoCals 0:30
  7. Wayfaring Stranger SoCal VoCals 0:30
  8. Survivor SoCal VoCals 0:30
  9. Hit Me SoCal VoCals 0:30
  10. For All We Know SoCal VoCals 0:30

What We Do

Founded in 1996, the SoCal VoCals are the oldest a cappella group at the University of Southern California.

The VoCals are a bunch of students from the University of Southern California that make music with their voices.


The VoCals have spent twenty years bringing West Coast vibes to a cappella music.


The group’s signature achievement is winning the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella four times in 2008, 2009, 2012, and most recently in 2015.


The VoCals have released eight studio albums to date. They have had tracks featured on Voices Only and BOCA as well as a music video.

Current VoCals

Tehillah Alphonso
Kaylah Baker
Izzy Brown
Jake Bubman
Quinn D'Andrea
Tim Frangos
Elizabeth Gaba
Aaron Jung
Tyler Kristensen
Devon Lawrence
Henry Mattei
Jej Millanes
Alex Mountsier
Nina Nelson
Conner Pearl
Jaquain Sloan
Miles Trieger
Tabon Ward
Becky Yim
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