Quinn D'Andrea


 Home Town: Santa Monica, CA

Quinn could probably walk to USC from her home, which is in Santa Monica, CA, but Quinn walks really, really slow so that isn’t very practical. Quinn is a Popular Music major, minoring in pretending to understand sports (Fight On!). Before coming to USC, she honed her vocal talents and her people skillz as president of her high school choir and a capella group “Valkyries.” She also attended A Capella Academy in the summer of 2014, where she had the amazing opportunity to perform with Pentatonix and work with a number amazing of VoCal alumns. When she isn’t singing, Quinn can be found working with a local high school choir in South Central, hanging out with friends, trying to reach things that are juuustt too tall for her, or posting ugly pictures of herself on instagram. Quinn is also a great person to come to for advice or gossip – that’s why her hair is so big (it’s full of secrets). Quinn is so excited to be a part of this incredible group, and she already loves getting to jam with all of the amazing VoCals!

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