Michael Mancuso


 Home Town: Westlake Village, CA

Born and raised in Southern California, Michael has been delighting audiences and melting hearts since he first auditioned for his local community theatre group in kindergarten. Even at that young age he had a propensity for harmonizing and has been “belting” throughout the house for almost as long as he could speak. Not many boys shared his love for music in elementary and middle school, but his mom kept telling him that if he stayed the course he would find his niche in high school, because a guy who could and would sing and dance would be a hot commodity. And find it he did! He was cast as the male lead in “Grease”, “Oklahoma” and “Cinderella,” and was the 3rd student in the 27-year history of his high school’s music program to make the highest singing groups as a sophomore. How did Michael come to make USC his first choice for college? Was it the incredible academics? No. The beautiful Southern California weather? No. Being close enough to home to have his mother do his laundry? Well maybe…but far and away, his reason for choosing USC was to have a chance to be a SoCal VoCal! Michael is thrilled to have the opportunity to perform with peers who are the caliber of the VoCals and his family is ecstatic to be close enough to make it to performances. Thanks Mom!

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