Brandon Burrows


 Home Town: San Diego, CA

Brandon Burrows, affectionately known as B-burr by VoCals and frat stars (#nzz) alike, was born on the small island of Guam, and is still confused as to whether or not he is eligible to be President. He then moved to Honolulu, Hawaii and finally to sunny San Diego, California, whose mean streets and cut throat atmosphere prepared him well for later taking on South Central. He’s heavily influenced by the greats including Stevie Wonder and Donnie Hathaway, though he’s down to get down to 2Chainz from time to time. He has been performing nearly his whole life, from his kindergarten play as Dinosaur #2 to PetCo Park performing the national anthem for a packed Memorial Day Weekend. Brandon is honored to be a part of the VoCal family and feels as though his musical journey is just getting started.

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