Aaron Jung


 Home Town: Wheeling, IL

Aaron, hailing from the Chicagoland area, likes to sing and dance and make garlic roasted potatoes in the oven on a cold winter’s day/night/anytime is good. At the start of 6th grade, Aaron knew he wanted to go into the arts for a living, no, a lifestyle. Like any other VoCal fan, he stalked them for a good month after applying to USC, and then proceeded to cry over the fact he couldn’t riff for his life. Growing up on Beyoncé and… well, Beyoncé… Aaron came into his final diva form. Show choir, dance, A Cappella choir and theater filling his high school career, Aaron is very prepared for real life, as long as real life works like a musical. As an aspiring barista at an independent coffee shop, Aaron is very excited to be a part of SoCal VoCals and as his fellow VoCals know, is always down for food, but seriously… always down…

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