When are auditions held?

The SoCal VoCals normally hold auditions twice a year, once early in the fall semester and again in the spring if necessary.

What song should I choose for my audition?

If you are having trouble finding an audition song feel free to take a look at our Repertoire and try to choose a song in the same vein. Although we stick mostly to classic/contemporary rock/pop this does not mean that we discourage other types of music.

Classical music and musical theatre are acceptable, but we need to know if you can sing the style of music that the group performs.

What happens after my audition? What should I know about callbacks?

After the initial auditions, we make some preliminary decisions and invite some of the auditionees for a callback. Callbacks are mandatory for entry into the group and will be scheduled late enough in the evening so as not to conflict with classes. The callback is usually on a Wednesday. The focus of this part of the audition is to give us an opportunity to see how well you can sing, blend, and perform with the group as well as how you interact with other members and auditionees. Almost as important as singing is group unity; this part of the audition is essential to that. Come out and be ready to have a good time! That’s really what this is all about.

How does the actual audition work?

The first part of the audition is your chance to showcase your talents to the group. You show up, sign up for a time, fill out a short audition form, come prepared to sing a solo (a cappella of course), and do vocal exercises. Please note that we are not judging you on how well you can sound like the artist. We are interested in hearing how your voice sounds, how it would fit into the group as a whole, and how well you can engage an audience.

Do I need to be a music major to join the VoCals?

You do not have to be a music major to join the VoCals. In fact, historically the majority of our singers are not.

Any other tips?

Be Memorable: In a typical audition, about 100 people audition for our group. Needless to say, it becomes difficult to put names to faces after a while. If you can make yourself stand out, we will remember you.

Try not to be nervous. Music is supposed to be fun so just relax. WE DON’T BITE…hard!

Hey! This Part's Important!

Being in the SoCal VoCals, although fun and exciting, does require a significant amount of time. The group meets twice a week for five to six hours to rehearse on top of weekly performances, which are sometimes in the middle of the day (i.e. during school hours, but classes do come first). We will occasionally schedule an extra rehearsal or two before an important performance. Also, all members share fundraising and administrative opportunities. That makes for a weekly commitment of ten hours or more. But, mark our words, they’ll be the most fun and exciting hours you’ll spend that week!

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