2004-2005 was another good year for the VoCals. With a full group returning, they held auditions in hopes of finding one more bass to fill out the lower register. They weren’t looking for anything else, but decided to audition all parts just in case they came across someone so amazing they couldn’t say no. The first pleasant surprise was new super-bass, Brian “Hatch” Malony. They would have been more than satisfied with him, but they also met a bubble of energy better known as Janel Healy. She left such a positive impression that the VoCals just had to welcome her into the group.

Now armed to the gills with talent, the VoCals steamed ahead into the New Year. They started with another kick-ass VoCal Retreat, this time in a brand new gorgeous Big Bear cabin. Concerts and gigs came fast and often. They hit up SCAMfest once again, performed monthly campus concerts highlighted by the “VoCals Request Live” show where the audience chose the set list, traveled to Arizona to perform as the special guest group at the International Championship of High School A Cappella, and sang the National Anthem at the Race For The Cure and a Los Angeles Lakers game. They also began work on their fifth studio album.

Most importantly, 2004-2005 was the year founder Brock Harris brought the VoCals their first real home, literally! The VoCal House opened in January 2005 when it welcomed its first resident, Corey Slutsky. It didn’t take long before rehearsal moved to the house, as well as a few parties here and there. February 19 was the “official” opening of the VoCal House when members hosted a gala for all alumni and family members. The gala was a huge success and it included a catered dinner, special performance by the current VoCals, and a wild after-party. Alumni were asked to bring VoCal artifacts to display in the house, all of which were placed on the walls of the mansion. The VoCal House fulfilled a dream of the founders: to have a sanctuary where the group could relax, rehearse, and party.

Before saying goodbye to one of the largest graduating classes in VoCal history (seven graduating members!), the group welcomed the two newest VoCals, Allie Feder and Dan Payson-Lewis. The VoCal house filled up with summer residents, most of which would stay into the school year to become the first full VoCals household.

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