Fall 2003 rocked from the very beginning. The VoCals opened for The 88 at the Roxy and the SoCal VoCals were actually featured on a marquee on the Sunset Strip.

This year gave the group some new challenges as the newbies practically outnumbered the “oldies” and keeping tradition was a serious concern. But with so many talented and creative members, the group turned into a hybrid of VoCal tradition and a fresh new look and sound. Katie Coleman, with her ever-evolving style, took hold of the group’s choreography and overall look…thankfully.

Without the luxury of a big budget, Lisa Townsend and Ryan Alvarez spearheaded the CD completion process to have the album ready for the Spring Tour – planned by Amy Thomas and John Vermeer.

While in the studio that December, the group made a big decision to move officer changeover into the Winter, as opposed to the end of the Spring semester. Officers would lead for calendar years in hopes of making the transition smoother between academic years. Jeremy Silver and Rebecca Melocik took the reigns and led the group into a different kind of Spring semester. The VoCals did not compete in ICCA’s that year but hosted the competition instead. They officially completed the CD that had taken 3 years to make and the group visited seven members’ houses on the 2004 Midwest tour. Hosted by the Townsends and Slutskys in Detroit, the Silvers, Hoys and Rahns in Chicago and the Vermeers and Petersons in Minnesota, the VoCals took over the Midwest high school scene and sold a remarkable number of self-titled CD’s.

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