Even with five new members, the VoCals held auditions for any new all-stars. Enduring the groups first “mime” audition was well worth listening to “David Duchovny, Why Don’t You Love Me,” because it meant finding freshman Rebekah “Becky” Melocik and sophomore, Maggie Criswell.

At the Fall Retreat that year, once again at our favorite Big Bear cabin, the group installed a new tradition called, “Before They Were VoCals.” Each member of the group brought a home video of themselves venturing into the entertainment business at an early age. With Adam Blain singing Boys 2 Men, Jeremy Silver in a leotard, Eric Peterson singing sexy a cappella, Maggie Criswell as the all-American little girl and Becky Melocik as the lead in Hello Dolly, this group took an interesting look back at their journey’s to USC’s premier a cappella group.

In the 2002 – 2003 year, Adam Blain took it upon himself to arrange a Ben Folds Five song, “Underground,” which the group would utilize as the opener to their ICCA’s set and the album that had been in the works since 2001. With “Underground,” James Snyder’s award-winning rendition of “A Fire in Your Hand” and old faithful, “Total Eclipse of the Heart,” the VoCals earned their third straight ICCA quarterfinal victory, held once again at USC. The group would relearn Matt Quan’s favorite arrangement of the “Footloose Medley” as their new closer for the ICCA semifinals. Once again, the group was sent home empty handed.

The Spring audition callback that year is remembered as the longest night in VoCal history. The group migrated from the practice rooms to Denny’s, to the rocks just outside of Denny’s, and spent a good portion of the night deliberating on whether or not to take eight new members into the group. And eight it was, as Sara Bengamin, David Patton, Brittany McDonald, Jennifer Cohen, Katie Coleman, Geoffrey Lind, Alexander Rahn and John Vermeer were all welcomed into the group.

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