Julie Moffitt
Julie Moffitt

Julie left the Midwest for the sunny skies of Southern Cal, but goes back occasionally to visit her mom and dad, and her sister's growing family, including her biggest fan, her nephew Brett (much love to Brett and Nick!). Julie has been singing for longer than she can remember, in children's theater, in high school and state honors choirs, and of course in the shower. She has majored in a few different things in her 2 years at USC, but since underwater basket weaving just didn't cut it, she has settled on psychology and jazz performance. Julie has every intention of making a living out of music somehow or another. For now she is just kicking back and enjoying the magic of the SoCal VoCals, and trying to find time to study while she isn't doing the five million other things she got herself into in LA.

"Yeah we got third, yeah I got dumped, but damn my hair looks good!"


psychology 2003

VoCal Leadership Roles

  • Music Director '00-'01
  • '01-'02


  • leavin' on a jet plane
  • drive me crazy
  • time of my life
  • killing me softly
  • come to you (the schwee schwah song)