Donald Webber
Donald Webber

Cool, Suave,, (awkward pause), and other things like that, best describe this stunning VoCal tenor. He hails from the most beautiful of all of California. Where you ask? Los Angeles. What part? Across the street from the McDonald's. Which McDonald's? (answer: see Allie Feder's bio)...ok, the answer's not really there, i lied to you. The truth is there's only one McDonald's in the ghetto, and that's where he hails from. I know what you're thinking, so does he. But he's not a mind reader. No, he's a tenor that is cool, suave, smooth and... black. Well, sort of. But don't be too alarmed, he's never known there was a difference, he's color blind. Really. Ok, I lied to you once more... it's just so fun to make you think one thing and really not mean it. Anyway, Donald's cool. HIS BIO HAS SPOKEN.

"I am FORBIDDEN to produce (insert dairy product)"

Tenor / Vocal Percussion

BFA Acting 2008

Los Angeles, CA

VoCal Leadership Roles

  • Visual Performance Director 2006
  • MacPhail 2007